WARNING! Legionnaires' Disease

Get trained in Legionnaires Disease Prevention!

Get Trained in Legionnaires Disease Prevention

Training is a MUST in Legionnaires Disease Prevention

Training a PLUS in Legionnaires Disease Prevention

Legionnaires Disease brings serious consequences which often result in loss of life. Therefore Prevention or Risk Management becomes a MUST to avoid them. This is especially true that some states and countries adopted a regulation in this sense. In this context, managers may ignore the training while improving their Water Treatment and Maintenance Programs. To my viewpoint, this is a mistake as they stay vulnerable in face of an outbreak.     

For example, in 2012, a Cooling Tower located in Quebec City was identified as the source of an outbreak that infected 181 people. The Building Manager then commented on the event. “I do not know why our cooling tower caused an outbreak. We have a Maintenance Program” she said. Would you like to face such an uncomfortable situation and reply: I don’t know… Training is a MUST in the implementation of an effective program of prevention.

In fact, training plays an important preventive role. Take the industry as a model! Do you know an industrial plant where a supplier doesn’t attend a quick reminder of safety rules before entering the plant? Look! Ontario has adopted a regulation on  Health and Safety Awareness and Traning since 2013. Under this regulation, employers must ensure all workers and supervisors have completed a basic occupational health and safety awareness training program. To avoid an outbreak, imitate these Health and Safety Programs!

Multiple case studies are the key factors in effective training 

As a professional, you are fully competent in what you are doing. However, technology is such today that you may need continued studies. Also, dealing with Legionnaires’ Disease requires knowledge which comes from Medicine,  Microbiology, Chemistry, Mechanics, Law… Are you at the level to prevent Legionnaires’ Disease? Consider your need for a plug-in, an update! 

Furthermore, ASHRAE Standard 188 requires a Multidisciplinary team to implement a Risk Management Program. In this context, years of experience have taught us that training is the proven way to establish a multidisciplinary team.

Our training goes far beyond the acquisition of general knowledge. Our teaching will lead you to write a complete Risk Management Program including a procedure of validation. To achieve this goal, training has to harmonize theory with practice. Of course, students will learn about the conditions of Legionella proliferation and other risk factors. However, they will also learn how to adapt written procedures to their own system. Above all, the training will be filled with case studies in order to make the learning process easy and useful.


Quick tips at the intention of our future students

  1. Training can help identify an incorrect water system design and implement corrective actions
  2. Implementing a Risk Management Program is a non-ending process.
  3. Don’t try to write the perfect program! On the contrary, improve the program each year through the validation process. Just first get it one done! 
  4. Costs are relative.  What is the purpose of a Water Treatment Program if the Cooling Tower is not installed properly? Why blindly spending money on Water Treatments or throwing your money into the water while the Cooling Tower keeps threatening people’s health?  
  5. Are you wondering about the need for training in Legionnaires Disease Prevention? Ask yourself! Can someone drive a car safely before he first received driving lessons?
  6. Do you question the cost of this training? Most importantly, evaluate the cost of ignoring it.

We count a lot of satisfied customers who greatly benefit from our training over the years as it gave them confidence in their daily work. Do you want similar results? Contact us and get registered to our FREE WEBINAR!