WARNING! Legionnaires' Disease

Legionnaires Disease? Team Up with a Pro-Engineer!

Mario Bellavance, the Pro-Engineer against Legionnaires Disease

To Prevent Legionnaires Disease, Team Up with Mario Bellavance, ing. M. Ing.!


Team up with Mario Bellavance, the Pro-Engineer against Legionnaires Disease! Bellavance is a family name with roots in Cap St-Ignace, Quebec. It means that I am well ahead. I am well ahead in training, well ahead in my daily life, well ahead to build a team. 


Well ahead in training about Legionnaires Disease and Risk Management for Cooling Tower Systems. 

The cousin of a close friend died from Legionnaires’ disease in the Summer of 2010.  I made a commitment to work to prevent Legionnaires Disease right at the funeral home. My academic courses prepared me well to accept this mission:  I am a Mechanical Engineer and I have a master’s degree in Engineering.  Most importantly, I had two great mentors, the late Marcel Lefevre and the late Robert Burger. Mr. Lefevre coached me about Cooling Towers and the science of heat transfer. He supported me in doing my first performance test on Cooling Towers. Mr. Burger’s book “Cooling Tower Technology Maintenance, Upgrading and Rebuilding” was my bedside book for a long period. His book ignited my mind to the point that I am myself the Author of 2 books on Legionnaires Disease and Cooling Tower Systems. 

In 2013, the government of Quebec adopted a regulation addressed to Cooling Tower Owners. I was ready and I hold seminars well ahead of its adoption. I  prepared the Owners and Cooling Tower Operators to comply with it. At this stage, I only wanted to share my experience and my knowledge with the world. Consequently, I had the opportunity to hold my first international seminar in Algiers in 2014. Later on, the Cooling Technology Institute invited me as a speaker during several Annual Conferences. Things go on as a luxury hotel in Calgary ordered me a seminar in 2019. The “Learn and Serve Public Health Tour” was then on track. Come on board! 


Well ahead in my daily life

When I was a teenager I canoed for a whole summer in Algonquin Park in Ontario. However, to get on a trip, I had to know how to swim and I didn’t. In consequence, I daily trained myself, weeks before getting to the camp. Lucky day: On the first day at the camp, I passed the exam. I was well ahead to enjoy my summer.

I was a candidate at the Presidency of the École de Technologie Supérieure under the slogan of “Internatonaliser l’ÉTS”. From that time on, my friends come from all over the world. Come and join us!

I got married to the professional singer Rose Dalo. The wedding was filled with music and dance. My life doesn’t stop at preventing the disease. I enjoy life. In fact, life is precious. We must do everything we can to protect it.   


Well ahead to build a team with you

At the end of April 2015, Mr. Julien Croteau, a whistleblower asked for my help concerning an incorrect installation of a Cooling Tower. I knew that it would be a difficult case to bring corrective actions. The next day I was on-site to do a risk analysis. I made a team with him having concerns about vulnerable people who can contract Legionnaires’ Disease. Later on, I helped him to file an appeal up to the 4th District Court of Appeal of the State of Florida. His petition being denied, I proposed him to address the issue publicly. I published the book “Wake up and avoid a nightmare“. You can evaluate my loyalty and my persistence. Let’s build a team together! That will be long-lasting.

R.I.P. Aniruddha! Aniruddha was the account manager at Fitser, the company which built this website. During the phase of its optimization, I learned that he passed away in a motorcycle accident. In face of this tragic death, I wondered what is the meaning of life? Aniruddha worked for a better world while promoting Legionnaires Disease Prevention. What a meaningful life! This life is calling us.

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