Learn and Implement a Worry-Free-Risk-Management Program!

Why should you prevent the transmission of Legionnaires' Disease?

Here is why:

  • Legionnaires' Disease is a severe type of pneumonia (lung infection) like Covid19;

  • Legionnaires' Disease is a fatal illness in more than 10 % of the cases;

  • Legionnaires' Disease cases are estimated between 52 000 and 70 000 per year in the USA only;

  • The annual cost of hospitalizations due to Legionnaires' Disease is estimated to exceed $716 million in the United States;

  • Legionnaires’ Disease significantly damages the branding of the company that owns an identified source of infection;

  • Building Owners face massive lawsuits forcing some to declare bankruptcy;

  • Legionnaires’ Disease outbreaks occurred in Philadelphia, Quebec City, New York, Moncton, Orillia, and many other world cities. It can also occur in your town, your building;

You can avoid a Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak.

To learn how to prevent the transmission of Legionnaires' Disease, contact Mr. Bellavance!

How to prevent the transmission of Legionnaires' Disease?


1. Get training about how to prevent the transmission of Legionnaires' Disease. To avoid accidents in an industrial plant, workers need training. To prevent a Legionnaires Disease outbreak, you need the same.

2. Build a multidisciplinary team! -ASHRAE Standard 188 « Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems »

3. Design a system schematic! We must manage the whole system not solely the cooling tower.

4. To manage the risk,

  • first, identify the risk;
  • then, treat the risk, eliminate or reduce it!

5. Write a program of activities to do to avoid an outbreak!

5. Confirm the program!

  • Prove that you did what you have programmed (verification);
  • Prove that your program is efficient in controlling Legionella (Legionella Test)!

6. Document all your activities to prove that you haven't been negligent in managing the risk and keep records!

Of course, I simplified it, but here is the truth: you need a Risk Management Program to prevent the transmission of Legionnaires' Disease. There is no other way. You cannot simply say: « I have water treatments and a good maintenance program.» If so, you may get into trouble like many before.

To help you avoid a painful experience, Blue Heron can prepare a Worry-Free-Risk-Management Program for you. So, contact Mr. Bellavance!

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Meet Mario Bellavance, a mechanical engineer with a Master's degree in Engineering Management who founded Blue Heron Cooling Tower Inc. in 2001, specializing in designing, upgrading, and maintaining cooling towers. But Mr. Bellavance's passion goes beyond just running a successful business. After a close friend's relative died from Legionnaires' Disease in 2010, he devoted himself to preventing such tragedies by organizing seminars worldwide, including one in Algiers in March 2014, and authoring books on the topic. Thanks to the guidance of his mentors, the late Robert Burger and Marcel Lefevre, Mr. Bellavance has become a reliable teacher, mentor, and coach for anyone looking to learn more about cooling towers. In his books, he shares his knowledge and experience, supporting others' quest for health and safety. His partnership with Mr. Julien Croteau is a testament to his reliability, which you can count on. Mr. Bellavance is a man of integrity, married to Eliyah Rose, a pianist, composer, and professional singer from Ivory Coast. If you're looking to expand your knowledge on cooling towers and Legionnaires' Disease prevention, don't hesitate to register for one of his webinars. He'll be happy to share his expertise with you.

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